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Our documentation to help you customize Leadaki to fit your website

Before you load your the Script you can override default configurations for your website by defining leadakiSettings object.

window.leadakiSettings = {
	googleAdWordsConversionId : "",
	googleAnalyticsId : "", 
	chatbotName : "Pilar",
	formHooksEnabled : true,
	automaticRemarketingEnabled : true,  
	chatEnabled : true,
	chatSaluteTimeInSeconds : 15,
	customParams: {},
	sessionPath: "/", /* specify script cookies path */
	hasConvertedLead : false, 
	debug : false

Each one of this configurations give you the ability to change default beheaviour or even implement different actions when some event happens.


If you want to use Google AdWords Remarketing complete this Id with your AdWords Convertion Id. Check that automaticRemarketingEnabled is 'true'.


Use this to enable the Google Analytics integration with your account. It use to have some format like 'UA-12341234-1'


Default Pilar


Default true


Default true


The time when the chatbots says 'hello' the first time the visitors arrive to a website. Default 15.


became true after chatbot detects a lead and post it to Cliengo


Default false.


Check docs for Sending Custom Params


Our documentation to help you customize Leadaki to fit your website

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