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Our Error Standard

UserMessage: This is a user-friendly message, which can be displayed on your application. This will be sent when something is wrong on the user side.
DeveloprMessage: This is message is intended for the developer working with our API. Used to fix an error if he's doing something wrong on his side.
Errors: Detailed description of the request errors.
MoreInfo: Links to corresponding API documentation, gives tips, etc.
Status: HttpResponse status code.

  "userMessage": "You need to fill the username field!",
  "developerMessage": "",
  "errors": [
  "moreInfo" : "", 
  "status" : 400

The Cliengo API communicates errors through standard HTTP status codes paired with error objects. Generally the following pattern will apply:


The request was successfully received, understood, and accepted


Further action needs to be taken by the user agent in order to fulfill the request


An error in the request. Usually a bad parameter.


The request is fine, but something is wrong on Box’s end


200		success
201		created
202		accepted
204		no_content
302		redirect
304		not_modified
400		bad_request
401		unauthorized
403		forbidden
404		not_found
405		method_not_allowed
409		conflict
412		precondition_failed
429 	too_many_requests
500		internal_server_error
503 	unavailable