FieldType (default)Description
responsestringBot's answer to the message.
stopNextMessageboolean (true)Will only send the response to the trigger. The bot will continue the conversation as normal once the user sends another message.
ignoreLeadboolean (false)Marks the lead as spam.
matchesListarray_objectList of matchers for the trigger. Defined in the json below.
matches[i].typeOne of this strings:

IMPORTANT: ALL match strategies are case-insensitive)

phrase: Use some intelligence to match if root keywords in user message match with "value"

regex: Match the regular expression in "value"

equals: Matches if user message is exactly equals to "value"

contains: Matches if user message contains "value"

startswith: Matches if user message starts with "value"

endswith: Matches if user message ends with "value"
matches[i].valuestringthe string value you want to match.
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